Edward H. Meyer

Chairman, Ocean Road Advisors, Inc.
Retired Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Grey Global Group.

Anthony E. Meyer

Chairman, Meyer and Co. LLC
President, Ocean Road Advisors, Inc.

Liela F. Figleaf

Vice President, Director of Hedge Fund Investments, Ocean Road Advisors, Inc.

Charlie E. Beresford

Vice President

Adam Solan

Vice President, Investments

Mark A. Varous

Chief Financial Officer, Ocean Road Advisors, Inc.

  • Professional

Vivienne R. Hylton

Executive Assistant to Edward H. Meyer

Natalia Carrera

Executive Assistant to Edward H. Meyer

Elizabeth A. Reeves

Executive Assistant to Anthony E. Meyer

Andy VandenBerg

Investment Associate

Michal Miller

Accounting Associate

Kimberly Piscopo

Financial Accounting Manager

Joanna A. Cardona

Accounting Clerk

Nathan Lockey