August 25, 2013
No Labels: A refreshing step in right direction
Amidst the noise, the posturing and the bitter partisanship, one hopeful sign has begun to emerge in Washington, D.C.

August 19, 2013
Hard Right And Hard Left Flock To No Labels
The bipartisan group No Labels casts itself as a way forward to help fix partisan rancor on Capitol Hill and has a membership list that can often read like a “who’s who” of politically vulnerable representatives who want to be thought of as reach-across-the-aisle types.

July 22, 2013
Plan to develop nursing school, offices on Providence riverfront faces obstacles
PROVIDENCE — The plan to spur development in the Jewelry District by making room for college classrooms and academic offices along the Providence River must resolve little-discussed utility and environmental issues before the proposal for the former industrial sites can move forward.

July 18, 2013
Filibuster Deal Heralds Stirrings of Compromise
The Senate agreement to pull back from unilateral rules changes that would have eroded the power of the filibuster was hailed by both parties as the beginning of a new spirit of bipartisan cooperation that saved the Senat

July 1, 2013
Ray Kelly, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Academy spoke about what they are doing across the country to help kids graduate high school. Drop out rates are so high across America, and the American Academy can help kids get back on track.